How Does Coaching Work?

Introductory Session (FREE)

It all starts with an introductory session (free to you) to understand your needs. During this call (via phone, Skype, Google Hangouts) I will ask you some questions to identify an area of focus for the call. This will be an area that you want to make massive progress in over the near term. We will then work together to create a few tangible strategies and actions to support your achievement of that goal.

Initial Focus Area

After the introductory session, if you are ready for the next step we will work together to identify a set of goals for the first three months of our work together. I do ask that all new clients commit to a minimum 3 month coaching engagement.. Why? Because the benefits received through coaching grows over time. I also want to ensure that we have enough time to accomplish your biggest priorities.  Through several sessions (usually weekly or bi-weekly), you will experience massive progress against your goals.

Growth Over Time

As your goals are accomplished and new areas of priority come up, our coaching relationship will shift to focus on these areas. For example, we may begin by focusing your career, but as those issues are solved, we may then shift focus to the development of specific skills, or different areas of life like fitness or financial prosperity.


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