If hard work was going to get you the career you deserve, you would already have it.

My Secret Arsenal of Career-Throttling Tools Will Have You Doing Only the Work You Love and Getting the Promotion You Deserve!

I Went from Working 14-Hour Days… to Being a Senior Leader at Microsoft Before My 30th Birthday, Doing Less Work and Loving My Job.



Hey High Achiever,

I want you to do me a quick little favor.

Just imagine going to work in the morning, like you always do. Your coffee is warm, the day is fresh, and the sun is shining.

But the difference is… you’re actually enjoying all of it!

Because you’re not just the busy little bee doing all the work you hate, dreaming of a promotion you know you deserve.

You’re actually at the top of your career, doing the work you love, and you’re putting in fewer hours!

You get to do only the projects you want, without doing all the busy work that gets you nowhere.

You get the freedom of being at the top of the food chain, just like I was at Microsoft.

And you finally get the paycheck you deserve for those long days you’ve put in at the bottom.

You can do the work you love,
while putting in fewer hours,
and getting the paycheck you deserve.

I’m here to make all of it possible.

But first, let me just tell you a little about myself...

After I graduated from Penn State University, I knew my career was going to be great. I graduated with honors, and I had the glowing recommendations of all my professors.

I started working at Microsoft right away.

And things were going great! In the first few years, I got one promotion after another.

Sure, I had to work crazy hours, taking on more projects than anyone else, but at least I was getting closer to my goals.

Or so I thought.

Hard work doesn’t always pay off.
Sometimes, it just gets you stuck.

It turns out that working hard didn’t really get me to the top. After all, I was working on virtually any project that came my way... instead of focusing on the work I really wanted to do.

And because I was always busy doing stuff that didn’t really excite me, I was getting burned out.

More importantly, my talents and passions were going to waste. And even though I was putting in the hard hours, I just wasn’t seeing the growth and achievements that I wanted for my team and my company.

Maybe you know what it was like.

Do you ever feel…

  • Stressed out, burned out, and completely exhausted from all the different tasks you’ve been taking on… while other people are getting the promotions that you deserve?
  • Trapped under the corporate ladder, even though you used to get one promotion after another?
  • Underpaid for the hours and effort you put in?
  • Or, if you’re an executive, are you still watching your company scrape by, instead of enjoying the prosperous growth you know you should be delivering?
  • Unsure about what exactly is holding you back, but knowing very well that you are stuck where you are?
  • Deeply disappointed by the “dream job” you landed… that ended up being a torture device of hard work that never pays off?
  • Lost at sea, knowing that the shore is somewhere out there, but you just have no idea where to turn… or even what the problem is?
  • Like a failure who can never get past the workload, running on a treadmill that just keeps speeding up while the carrot is being dangled in front of you, ten feet out of reach?

Sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it?

I’ve been there, too.

And you are going to be stuck there forever.

… unless you decide to take action today.

Executive coaching changed my life…
and it can change yours, too!

Sometimes, you just can’t see the forest from the trees.

I remember getting stuck on problems at work that would take me hours to solve… but when someone else came and took a glance at it, they could clearly see the problem (and the solution).

Getting that outside perspective was a huge help to me, especially when it came to my career.

I was able to break free of those “hard-work barriers” that kept me locked into the cycle of doing more work while getting less pay and fewer promotions.

Finally… I was able to focus on the parts of my job that I loved -- and get an awesome new paycheck to match it!

Here are the facts about coaching...

  1. 788%: The average Return on Investment for people who went through executive coaching sessions with coaches like me!
  2. 7 times: The return on programs for coaching according to senior-level executives at Fortune 1000 companies.
  3. 8 out of 10 startups fail but working with a coach can clear the path to success and ensure that you can conquer the odds stacked against you.
  4. Plus… coaching yields 2 times return on investment and significant “intangible benefits” according to employees at Nortel Networks.

Executive coaching isn’t just for CEO’s…
it’s for anyone who wants to reach the top.

  • Maybe you’re in charge of an awesome new startup.
  • Maybe you’ve been slowly working your way to the top of massive organization.
  • Or maybe you’re already a CEO who wants to take it to the next level.

As long as you want to break past your barriers, reach new limits, and excel beyond your competition… executive coaching is for you!

Unlock the secrets to a fulfilling career
by tapping into your talents!

I have to ask you for one more favor.

Just imagine...

  • Doing the work you love… and getting the promotions and respect you deserve for all your talents and abilities.
  • Actually being able to enjoy your job, putting your passion to work and getting more out of life.
  • Earning the paycheck that matches all the hard work you’ve done, instead of taking home just a fraction of the rewards you generate.
  • Grow your business, become a valuable asset your company, and excel beyond your current limitations, even if you’re already a CEO!
  • Developing a laser-focus that allows you to achieve more, without having to do all the little tasks that only get in the way of you and your promotion.
  • Getting more work done in less time, bringing you closer to the top without having to work those insane hours you’ve been putting in.
  • Going home at a reasonable hour, kicking back, and actually relaxing at the end of the day.
  • Gaining clarity about the problems that are holding you back in your career so that you can finally tackle them and move up!
  • Saying “goodbye” to the stress and frustration of being completely lost, without any idea how to escape the trap you’re in.
  • Being able to turn down the work that isn’t going to accelerate your career, leaving you free to focus on the things you love.
  • Breaking free of the “hard-work barriers” that are keeping you trapped below a mountain of boring, mundane tasks.
  • Becoming an empowered leader with the ability to inspire and motivate others, allowing you to reach the top of the corporate tech ladder.
  • Conquering difficult problems by transforming your mind into a powerful, creative problem-solving machine.
  • Proving to your boss that you are ready for the high-level successes that you have worked for all your life.
  • Clearing up your schedule by becoming a master of time-management, improving your productivity, and getting past difficult problems -- faster.

Here’s how you’re going to get
the rewarding career you deserve.

Here’s what you get when you join my executive coaching program and turn your current hard-work job into a fulfilling and rewarding career.

  • 45-minute coaching calls each week through Skype -- at a time that’s convenient for you -- where we discuss your experiences, struggles, and frustrations… and find the path to success!
  • Unlimited email-based coaching. I’m available whenever you need me! If you’re having a hard day, just let me guide you to the solution.
  • Full access to my complete arsenal of tools… a collection of powerful “secret weapons” that I used to turn my old job into a wildly successful career at Microsoft.
  • Personalized guidance to get you through the “hard-work barriers.” No templated advice -- I customize your coaching sessions to your unique challenges.
  • Specific, actionable strategies to get you to the top, coming from a guy who has overcome the same challenges you and I experience in the tech industry.
  • Support from an objective third-party coach that can see the forest from the trees… and wants you to succeed unconditionally!

Honestly… what you get from this is entirely up to YOU!

I don’t know what unique challenges you’re facing.

I don’t know what you goals are.

But whether you want to focus on the parts of your job that you love, get the promotion that you deserve, or finally be able to enjoy life… I’m here to get you there!

Here’s what clients just like you
are saying about me.

"My coaching sessions with Ravi helped me achieve tremendous clarity in what I needed to do in order to start my own business. I felt overwhelmed, unsure and a little freaked out about leaping into another career, but Ravi helped me break down the transition into manageable action steps that set me up for success. Going through a career change? Or thinking of switching your path? Definitely talk to Ravi! His coaching did wonders for me."

- Alex W., Entrepreneur

“I recently had the opportunity to spend time with Ravi to work through being more present. Even though, I have been practicing being a better listener for a few years now, this particular hour with Ravi helped bring forth a new sense of urgency. Specifically, Ravi coached me to consider setting more immediate goals and concrete measurements to help attain more mindful presence. The net result has been a marked improvement in progress towards becoming a more aware and present listener.”

- Ankur P., Director of Technology Product Management

“I had a really amazing coaching session with Ravi. I didn't feel like I was struggling with anything definable in the moment, but I also lacked some clarity.

Ravi asked me great questions and reflected my answers back to me which helped me to find clarity on my path. I hadn't talked to anyone who asked me pointed yet broad questions. I really appreciated the exercises that he guided me through which allowed me to bring a full body, 5-senses experience to my project. I was being asked to dream and visualize and experience with all of my senses awakened and with awareness of color, heat sensations, and emotion.

After my coaching session with Ravi, I absolutely know that I am on the right track and that I have all the tools within me to create what I envision.

One of the things that most impressed me was that Ravi is not necessarily versed in my business field, yet he had the ability to pinpoint questions and draw out my creativity and passion!

I would highly recommend sessions with Ravi! If you need clarity or assistance to discern the path you're on, having the gift of someone deeply listening to you, recognizing your fears and excitement and giving you the tools to visualize and feel the outcome of your desire, then Ravi is your gift.”

- Lynnette M., CEO

Just a fair warning…
I can’t work with everyone.

Many executive coaches will take on any kind of client, just to make more money.

But I know that everyone will be better off if my clients are like me… hard-working, ambitious, and focused.

It also helps that I work with people in the tech industry, because that’s the business that I understand better than anything else.

I’ve gotten past the hard-work barriers and reached the top leadership positions at Microsoft, and I know what it takes to succeed in tech businesses.

So when you send in your free application for my executive coaching sessions, I’m going to review the information I have and make an honest decision about whether or not I think I can help you.

After all, if I can’t help you get the career you’ve always dreamed of, I’ll just have to refund your money!

If you’re not completely satisfied,
I’ll give you a full refund.

I’m here to get you the career you want. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your executive coaching sessions, I’ll send you your money back.

I’m offering you this guarantee because I don’t want there to be anything holding you back from the lifestyle, paycheck, and respect that you deserve.

And thanks to the money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

So get started on the path to the career you want today.

What would that promotion be worth to you?

Of course, there’s the financial gain.

It may be $10,000. Maybe even $20,000. I’ve seen some people get promotions with as much as $50,000 increases in pay!

And if you’re a CEO, you know there are huge bonuses waiting for you… if you can deliver.

But it’s not just about the money for you.

  • You’ll also have the career you’ve always wanted -- the one you worked so hard for.
  • You’ll be able to focus on the work that you really love.
  • And you’ll finally be able to enjoy your life -- and your time off!

In my experience, that kind of career is priceless.

So what would all of that be worth to you?

Fill out your free application,
and take the first step toward
an amazing career!

When you fill out this FREE application for executive coaching sessions, you begin the career transformation of your dreams.

Here’s what you have to look forward to… and all you need to do is send a quick application!

  • 4 one-on-one coaching calls via Skype every month.
  • A full 45-minute session packed with actionable advice each week.
  • Plus unlimited email-based coaching for your unexpected challenges.
  • Complete access to my secret arsenal of powerful tools.
  •  The clarity and knowledge you need to accelerate your career to the top.
  • A career that you will love, filled with the work you’re most passionate about.
  • A lighter workload, the opportunity for new promotions, and a lifestyle you can actually enjoy!

And remember: if you’re not totally, 100% satisfied with your coaching sessions, I’ll refund your money.

What could your next promotion be worth?

It’s time to do yourself a favor...
Apply for your first FREE executive coaching session today!

Okay. No more favors for me. It’s time to do yourself a favor.

Just fill out the quick application below, and I’ll review your information.

We will then arrange a time for your 100% free and no-obligation Strategy Session to address your questions and give you a first-hand experience of the power of coaching...

If we both think we’re a good fit -- great! We can start your executive coaching at a time that’s convenient for you.

Together, we’ll get you started on the career you deserve. And remember, the application is quick, painless, and absolutely free.

It’s the first step you need to take to accelerate your career, get the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard for, and start loving your work.

So put me on your side today!

- Ravi Raman

You have nothing to lose!



Right now, I don’t know what job you have.

But I do know this:

You’re ready for a change.

After all, you wouldn’t be reading this page unless you were stuck… trapped behind the hard-work barriers that used to keep me from the career I wanted.

Now, I have a fulfilling career doing the work I love, and I want to get you there, too.

And what does it really cost? When you think about the career, promotions, respect, and paycheck you could be earning, filling out a free application is pretty small request.

The stress, frustration, and disappointment that you’ve been dealing with is a heavy burden. I should know. I was there once, too.

You get home (late), try your best to relax for an hour or two, and go to bed exhausted… just so you can repeat the cycle tomorrow.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

You can start living the lifestyle you deserve, with the career you want, doing the work that you love.

And all I’m asking you to do is fill out this quick little application.

I’d say you’re doing me a favor, but really… this is for your own good.

And you deserve it.